Lindsay Maines Consulting

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“Lindsay Maines is an amazingly innovative thinker and strategist.  The work she has done for my authors has increased their sales and visibility in the marketplace.  I highly recommend her.”

- Greer Hendricks, Vice President, Senior Editor Atria Books

“Lindsay Maines was one of the first bloggers I met from the community I then referred to with the blanket term “Mom Bloggers.” It didn’t take more than a conversation to realize that Lindsay is something – and someone – much bigger than that niche descriptor suggests. She is quite simply one of the smartest people I’ve encountered in the tech space, with an unusual ability to translate geek-speak into a layperson’s terms as well as a great grasp of the needs of marketers and PR people. I consider her one of my most trusted resources and sounding boards.”

-Stephanie Smirnov, President, Devries PR

“Not only does Lindsay have in depth knowledge and vast experience with social media, but she manages to be both professional and a warm, caring human being. A personal touch that people (customers and consumers) can connect with is something that cannot be discounted in today’s business world.”
-Jenny Cisney, Social Media Lead, Kodak

“Lindsay Maines is a font of creative energy and great ideas. She understands the tools of social networking like few others.”
-Susan Coll, author of Beach Week and Acceptance

“Not only is Lindsay a top-notch social media professional- she’s a master connector. Leveraging her extensive network for clients and partners, she brings her professional journalism background to the table to quickly grasp our needs and audience. Lindsay Maines delivers!”

-Karen Bantuveris, Founder and CEO, VolunteerSpot

“The rest of us simply think forwards and backwards, but Lindsay Maines’s mind seems to spin a full 360 degrees, pulling in bits and wisps of disparate information and synthesizing it all in unique, surprising, and utterly relevant ways. Forget Kevin Bacon – Lindsay seems to be one degree of separation away from just about everyone in the world, and she’s a bridge for the rest of us to connect. On a personal level, her marketing strategy for my debut novel helped shoot my book into the top 100 on”
-Sarah Pekkanen, Author of “The Opposite of Me”