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#ONEmoms in the Roosevelt Room

#ONEmoms in the Roosevelt Room


Lindsay helped build the team and strategy for the#ONEmoms program, which took 10 moms (including Lindsay) to Kenya on a listen-and-learn mission in Summer 2011.

The trip was covered by ABC News, and garnered over 500 million media impressions and 13,000 new members for
Lindsay’s Huffington Post Piece About The Trip





Lindsay produced the first Women Create MediaConference, on August 4, 2011, at the University of San Diego.The event was for women active in social media who want to learn how to transition into traditional publishing.

It was a great day, with 100+ attendees, 13 sponsors, and over 1 million hashtag impressions on Twitter. Stay tuned for nest year!

“What an incredible event, especially for the first of its kind. I learned SO much and left really excited and inspired!” -Attendee, Leah Singer